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Roadside Technology

Allstate is leading the charge for change

We believe getting rescued should be easy.

That's why we developed a mobile app so easy to use, it won both the CIO 100 Innovation Leadership Award and the InformationWeek Elite 100 Award in 2016. Not too shabby.

The Good Hands Rescue® app is just one of the ways that Allstate Roadside Services is leading the industry in roadside technology. We offer a stack of digital tools that make the roadside experience simple and frictionless. Choose the products and services that best suit your business:

  • Embed roadside service into your existing app. Add value to your brand's existing mobile app with our roadside APIs. We offer open APIs that allow your web developers to embed our roadside technology into your digital world, helping to drive your brand presence with customers.
  • Let us build you an app. No app? No problem! We can build you a roadside app with your company branding. It's a great way to show you care about your customers' safety — and it's something they'll carry with them wherever they go.
  • Offer digital solutions to non-digital customers. We recognize that not all customers want to use an app. Some still prefer to speak to a live agent. Our Rescue Tracker solution delivers the best of the digital world (GPS tracking, rescue status updates) to your customer's smartphone while they speak to an agent.
  • Offer customers a pay-per-use alternative. If a branded solution is not important, just download the award-winning Good Hands RescueSM app, which delivers roadside assistance on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Prevent roadside events before they happen. With connected car technology, we're creating a future where roadside events can be detected before they occur.

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Add roadside API technology to your brand's mobile app

Give your customers a mobile-friendly roadside solution they will love — directly from your existing brand app! Our API tools allow your IT team to integrate our award-winning* roadside technology into your current mobile application, giving your customer easy-to-access 24/7 roadside assistance. Our mobile solutions include:

  • GPS tracking. The customer can follow their provider driving toward their location on a map.
  • Real-time status updates. The moment a service provider is dispatched, the customer receives a confirmation along with real-time status information of the provider's location en route to the customer.
  • Friends and family alerts. Customers can send notifications about their rescue status, giving loved ones more peace of mind.
  • Service ratings. At the end of service, customers can give you immediate feedback about their experience.

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iPhone screen.

Digital solutions for non-digital customers

Customers who do not have the mobile app still get digital roadside experience through Rescue Tracker. A rescue gives the customer the option of receiving a SMS text message with a link. Clicking on the link opens a screen that delivers the same features and benefits of the mobile app:

  • Contact information for their service provider
  • Status updates from their driver en route
  • GPS tracking of their driver on a map
  • Customer satisfaction survey details

On-Demand Roadside Assistance with Good Hands Rescue®

Our award-winning* Good Hands Rescue® mobile app lets customers conveniently request and pay for their roadside services. This powerful platform can also be white label-branded to drive your company's roadside program.

*2016 CIO 100 Business Innovation Award winner in the customer experience category for Good Hands Rescue® mobile technology. Allstate also ranked No. 13 on the CIO 100 2016 Elite 100 list of the leading U.S. users of business technology.

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Connected Cars

See roadside problems before they happen.

Imagine being contacted by your roadside service provider before you even experience a vehicle problem. Not too far down the road, we see a future of diagnostic and predictive automotive capabilities. Working collaboratively with our partners, we are developing solutions using vehicle-embedded sensors so that we can proactively alert customers about potential roadside issues before they occur. We are making significant progress in this area and will be at the forefront of the industry with vehicle telematics roadside solutions. We invite you to learn more about the changing the future of roadside assistance.

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