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Provider Network

We've got you covered.

Our provider network includes the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada

Allstate Roadside Services gets your customers back on the road faster with a comprehensive network of outstanding service providers in many North American countries and territories.

  • Our insured service providers maintain consistently strong customer satisfaction levels.
  • Trucks must display a company name and be equipped to meet your vehicle requirements.
  • On-demand, just-in-time vehicle reference tools make our network truly ready for virtually every servicing need.

Crowd-sourced solutions for faster service

Using a crowdsourcing model and supporting technology, we have created a network of providers to perform services such as lockouts, fuel deliveries (gas at your cost), tire changes and jump-starts.

Roadside Safety and Provider Education

  • Our recruiters help design towing and vehicle safety features
  • We support laws that protect and support service providers and their families
  • We provide education on servicing various vehicles. Soon providers will be able to access instructions from their mobile devices at a rescue

Hearing the Voice of Providers

Our Provider Network Advisory Council is comprised of leading service providers within our network who represent the interests of the towing and roadside assistance industry. By leveraging their industry expertise, we've made significant improvements in technology, customer service, provider safety and education, and ease of doing business.

Are you a service provider? Apply to our network

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