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Allstate® Roadside Services

We're all about your customers

We believe roadside assistance is about people

Roadside events are unexpected — and unwelcome! Your customer may feel frustrated, anxious or even scared. That's why Allstate Roadside Services makes an added effort to provide service that's convenient, reliable and compassionate.

Doing the right thing for your customers

We help you create moments that matter for your customers, delivering superior service you expect from Allstate. So when the unexpected hits, you're always the first one they call. Your Allstate Roadside Services® program supports your customers at every level of service. Let's discuss your goals


For an honest and professional roadside provider, who's more trusted than Allstate?

  • We offer 24/7 roadside protection that's easily accessed from your customers' vehicle computers or their mobile devices
  • Our network of insured, professional service providers get your customers back on the road quickly and safely
  • Continuous service provider education makes our network best in class


We keep customers informed every step of the way on their mobile devices.

  • GPS technology finds the best service provider in the area
  • Customers can watch their service provider drive to their rescue location in real time
  • Alerts notify customers when the service provider is approaching their location
  • Customers can also provide updated information to the service provider at any time

Allstate Cares

Our assistance centers are totally focused on bringing your customer peace of mind.

  • Our rescue associates are selected based on characteristics including empathy, patience and problem-solving abilities
  • We believe a friendly voice helps reduce customer anxiety and increase customer satisfaction with their rescue experience
  • We analyze customer survey data to identify wins and opportunities for improvement
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