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Data & Analytics

The future of roadside is here

Powerful data insights meet real-time reporting

Unlike other roadside service companies, Allstate Roadside Services is differentiating through rich data analytics and self-reporting capabilities. We not only provide you reports that tell you what happened, but we also help you understand the customer experience from beginning to end. You'll have access to data insights in real time — including your customers, vehicles and brand.

Insights You Want To Know

Today, we can identify trends and patterns, such as causes of vehicle breakdowns by make/model/year and by geographic location. Information like that helps you make important decisions.

Our self-service reporting capabilities integrate data from a variety of sources, including GPS, vehicle telematics and connected car technology. Tell us what you want to know and we'll get you answers and more, including:

  • Customer Experience insights on Agents, Providers and ETA/ATA performance
  • Network insights on rescue events, markets and provider performance
  • Assistance Center insights on call volumes, average call handle time, call abandonments and speed to answer

Predictive analytics

We are developing, in collaboration with our partners, vehicle telematics roadside solutions that will put us at the forefront of the industry. Our vehicle telematics and connected car solutions, like Allstate Drivewise®, can help:

  • Determine which customers are at high risk for a vehicle breakdown based on driving behavior
  • Predict which make and model will most likely break down based on vehicle condition and history
  • Anticipate where and when roadside events will most likely occur based on certain weather and road conditions

We invite you to learn more about how we're changing the future of roadside assistance.

Learn more about our predictive analytics solutions

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