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Roadside Solutions For Consumer
Tech & Mobile Clients

Connect to customers with our APIs.

Consumer technology industry

Whether you are a wireless service provider, web app developer, or a consumer technology organization, we deliver the high-tech solutions you want for your business and your customers.

  • Our suite of APIs easily integrates the digital roadside experience with your UX to support your brand and key business objectives.
  • We offer customizable roadside technology solutions that can be integrated into virtually any platform
  • Flexible products - choose from Pay-Per-Use, On Demand and per VIN or per member
  • Various integration methods, including HTML, API integration, Native app development, Click-to-Call

Benefits of Allstate roadside technology

  • Drive user engagement and downloads
  • Gain valuable data insights about customer driving habits
  • Help to increase new business opportunities

A leading innovator

Allstate Roadside Services is leading the industry in technology innovation. In 2016, InformationWeek magazine named Allstate No. 6 in on its "Decade Award" list, which recognizes the most technologically innovative companies in business today. Allstate also ranked No. 13 on the InformationWeek Elite 100 list for Good Hands Rescue, our pay-per-use on-demand service that both customers and the general public can access to request roadside assistance.

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