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Roadside Solutions for Auto Manufacturers

Put customer satisfaction in high gear

You work hard to earn customer loyalty. We help you protect it

Allstate Roadside Services understands the importance of "getting it right" with customers. We have a lengthy history of supporting roadside rescue programs for leading auto manufacturers. Our experience helps ensure your customers stay in your family for years to come.

  • Rescue innovation - Mobile solutions like Rescue Tracker and API Integration seamlessly create transparent communication between customers, vehicles, dealerships and service providers.
  • Connected vehicle - Vehicle telematics and connected car technology, such as Allstate Drivewise®, can proactively manage roadside issues and vehicle maintenance needs.
  • Out-of-warranty support - Protect your out-of-warranty customers and increase repair order growth by directing these customers to dealerships for repairs and new purchases.
  • Asset and reimbursement management - Two-way tows for VIP customers, collision repair, and other items covered are under warranty.
  • Dealer engagement - We work closely to understand the concerns and needs of the auto dealers that service the vehicles we rescue. We're active participants at dealer events, offering vehicle servicing seminars for dealer techs and more
  • Service provider network - Our network of highly skilled, fully-insured service professionals understand our clients' service level expectations and deliver on them consistently

Operational Excellence

We engage, reassure and support your customer.

  • Right service provider. We use real-time GPS data to select the best service provider for each customer.
  • End-to-end digital strategy. We get to the customer faster and gives the customer more information about their rescue, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Hire for Heart. We believe in Hiring for Heart and Training for Skill. Our rescue associates are selected based on characteristics including empathy, patience and problem-solving abilities. When your customer speaks to one of our rescue associates, they will be speaking to someone who truly enjoys helping rescue people every day.
  • Listen with empathy. Our rescue associates are coached to listen and engage with customers as they gather information to complete a dispatch. Customers will have a chance to share their rescue stories with our associate to help reduce customer anxiety and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Problem-solving. Will your customer need transportation? Overnight accommodations? Whatever the issue, our associates work with your customers to find an appropriate solution.
  • Measure and analyze customer feedback. We regularly analyze customer survey data to identify wins and opportunities for improvement.

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